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07.11.2017 İhlas Holding and Petro China signed a business agreement
06.11.2017 İhlas Holding entered in to a partnership agreement with Chinese Wiseweb company
02.11.2017 Minister Kaya at İhlas Holding
04.10.2017 TGRT FM is 25 years old
31.07.2017 İhlas Holding’s Rating Score Increased
17.07.2017 IHA photo exhibition The legend of 15 July is opened
11.07.2017 İhlas signs strategic partnership with Chinese company as part of project to revive Silk Road
07.06.2017 İhlas Media was granted and award in ‘Contributors to Africa’ organization
06.04.2017 TGRT Haber received the Best News Channel of the Year Award
29.03.2017 İhlas College continues it`s success
10.03.2017 A thank you visit from Afghanistan’s civil society organization representatives to İhlas Holding
06.03.2017 İhlas Printing Company certified it`s quality
05.03.2017 After receiving rewards in the USA, Italy and Kazakhstan, İhlas Home Appliances returned from Germany with the “Good Design Award”
27.02.2017 Ahmet Mücahid Ören`s Notes from Davos
24.02.2017 The Story of a 25 Years of Turkiye Newspaper Reader
23.02.2017 Ahmet Mücahid Ören Spoke About His Late Father
22.02.2017 Enver Brother’s longing has been a fire in our hearts for 4 years
17.02.2017 Minister Faruk Özlü has visited İhlas Holding
06.02.2017 İhlas Home Appliances received an award in Kazakhstan