1970 Newspaper “Hakikat” (The Truth) was first published
1972 The name of the newspaper “Hakikat” was modified as “Türkiye”
1978 Hand delivery system for “Türkiye Newspaper” started
1981 Hakikat Offset Facilities was put in working order
Türkiye Çocuk Magazine was first published
1983 Türkiye Newspaper was first published with offset technique
Breaking the record of press history, circulation of Türkiye Newspaper reached 1,424,350
1989 İhlas Construction Group was founded and the construction of İhlas Yuva Evleri started
1990 Home Appliances Manufacturing started
Daily delivery of Türkiye Newspaper started in England and USA
1991 Türkiye Newspaper started to be prepared in electronic form
Türkiye Hospital was put into service
1992 Living started in İhlas Yuva Evleri
Become a distributor of KIA, a South-Korean auto brand
1993 Become Turkish distributor of French auto brand Citroen and Japan auto brand Subaru
İhlas News Agency was founded
TGRT started broadcasting
TGRT FM started broadcasting
1994 Groundbreaking of Kuzuluk Kaplıca Evleri in Sakarya
İhlas Holding was first listed in the stock market
1995 İhlas Finance Corporation was founded
Kristal Water joined İhlas Group
İhlas Cargo was founded
İhlas Insurance was founded
Purchasing Balıkesir Soft Drinks Industry JSC, Turkey’s first local caffeine-free coke started to be produced via Kristal brand
İhlas Net, one of the first internet providers of the country, was founded
Groundbreaking of İhlas Marmara Evleri
Kuzuluk Holiday Resort in Sakarya was opened after the construction was completed
Education started in İhlas Colleges
1996 İhlas Home Appliances was first listed in the stock market
İhlas Hayat Insurance was founded
1997 Kristal Cola Inc. was first listed in the stock market
İhlas Real Estate Investment Trust was founded
İhlas Marmara Evleri I. Phase was delivered to owners
1998 Groundbreaking of İhlas Marmara Evleri II. Phase
Groundbreaking of Armutlu Holiday Resort
1999 İhlas Real Estate Investment Trust was first listed in the stock market
2000 Distribution of KIA was transferred to Çelik Motor Inc. which is a subsidiary of Anadolu Group
2001 İhlas Marmara Evleri II. Phase was delivered to owners
2003 İhlas Media Holding Inc. was founded
İhlas Hayat Insurance Inc. transferred the portfolio to Ankara Retirement Inc.
TGRT News TV started broadcasting
2004 Armutlu Holiday Resort was opened by the Prime Minister
2006 İhlas Insurance Inc. was sold to HDI International Holding (HINT)
2008 İhlas Armutlu Holiday Resort was awarded with blue flag
İhlas Construction Holding was founded
İhlas Marketing Investment Holding was founded
İhlas Journalism (Türkiye Newspaper) was first listed in the stock market
2010 İhlas Media Holding was first listed in the stock market
CR- Eurasia Rating defined our company rates as A (Trk) by Long-Term National Rating and (Stable) by view
JCR-Eurasia Rating made an assessment for the Corporate Governance Practices within Capital Markets Board and defined the overall level of compliance with the principles as (7.71) out of “10 points” and the view as Stable
2011 Having the license, construction for Kristalşehir Project was initiated which consists of 5000 houses
2012 Bizimevler 5 project was started in Ispartakule
Construction of İhlas Yapı  Marmara Evleri 3 was started in Beylikdüzü
2013 The Decease of Mr. Enver Ören
İhlas Home Appliances was awarded with Design Award from Europe
Türkiye Newspaper ‘s appearance was renewed.
Bizim Evler 6 housing project has begun construction
2104 TGRT News, TGRT Documentary, TGRT EU and TGRT FM, has reflected their institutional change to their logo.
Shares that belong to Kristal Gıda Dağıtım Pazarlama San. Tic. A.Ş. and Kristal Kola & Meşrubat San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has been sold.
Bizim Evler 5 housing project has been completed.
158 commercial units were put up for sale Bizim Evler 6
Infrastructure work for Bizim Evler 7 project has begun.
İhlas Home Appliances was awarded with Design Award from Europe
2015 Bizim Evler 7 housing project has begun construction and sales
Türkiye Newspaper Hospital started their international patients departmant and begun a program in Europe, Asia and Afrika
İhlas Media Holding has received 3 awards at the 28th International Consumer Summit
İhlas Home Appliances’s Cebilon Unique, Aura Cleanmax SPLUS and Aura Roboclean SPLUS brands has received the GOOD DESIGN award.
2016 Bizim Evler 6 Gökkuşağı was delivered to the home owners in May 2016
Bizim Evler 6 Metro was delivered to the home owners in August 2016
İhlas Home Appliances was awarded the IF Design Award 2016 for Aura Cleanmax ve Aura Roboclean vacuum cleaners and the awar is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the world.
İhlas News Agency has a signed a business agreement with Fuji TV Channel which is one the most important TV Channel of Japan.
İhlas Home Appliances was ranked 25th out 761 companies at the “Innovation and Organizational Culture” category in “InnovaLig 2016” which was hosted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM)
İhlas Media was awarded the ‘Value Contributors to Africa’ award.
Bizim Evler 7 Housing Project was delivered in September 2017.
TGRT News received the “Best News Channel of the Year” award within the 2nd Social Awareness Awards.
İhlas Mining’s name was changed to İhlas Real Estate Project Development and Trade Inc.
Bizim Evler Güzelce Housing Project started.
İhlas Holding has signed a partnership agreement with China Silk Road Group for China’s “One Belt One Road” project.