İhlas Educational Institutions

İhlas Educational Institutions began with the purpose of creating a unique education system and becoming an exemplary educational model.

Education is another area in which İhlas Group undertakes a social mission. İhlas College was established in 1996 to extend education in Turkey, create a unique education system, and serve as an exemplary model of education globally.

İhlas Educational Institutions has a green campus offering a clean, spacious environment removed from Istanbul’s heavy traffic and noise. The classrooms have a capacity of 18 to 24 students. The school buildings are safe and earthquake resistant, and have been specially equipped to provide modern education.

A Modern And Well-Equipped Infrastructure
İhlas Educational Institutions feature sports facilities of various sizes to meet different needs; performance and conference halls; computer, science, chemistry, physics and biology labs; science and technology classrooms; story rooms; interactive classrooms; craft rooms and painting lounges; libraries; and foreign language classrooms.

In addition to the normal curriculum, students are provided with support programs; courses, special education methods geared toward national exams, and intensified foreign language programs.

Specialist physicians and nurses provide healthcare services to students at the school infirmary, and closely monitor their health conditions and physical development.

Technology Supported Education
After introducing the “Classes via Tablets” project in 2012, İhlas College launched a tablet-supported education system by upgrading classrooms and laboratories with 3D educational technology, thus transforming classes into more effective and engaging experiences.

Thanks to its collaborations with Google Apps for Education, Microsoft IT Academy, Microsoft Dreamspark Premium, Samsung and Vodafone, İhlas College is able to offer its employees and students the latest technologies for work and study.

Successful Individuals Prepared For Life
With a total of 13 schools, and a 445-person staff consisting of 122 administrative employees and 323 teachers, İhlas Educational Institutions provide communication-oriented foreign language education, thinking- and experience-based learning, and career-focused guidance to its students, who will shape the future, while teaching them the universal human values. Each year, İhlas Educational Institutions prepares more than 2,800 students for life by focusing on their healthy social and physical development.

The schools affiliated to İhlas Educational Institutions are as follows:
1.    Private Bahçelievler İhlas Elementary School
2.    Private Bahçelievler İhlas Secondary School
3.    Private İhlas Anatolian High School
4.    Private İhlas Anatolian Vocational School (IT and Radio Television)
5.    Private İhlas Science High School
6.    Private Marmara Houses İhlas Elementary School
7.    Private Marmara Houses İhlas Secondary School
8.    Private Marmara Houses İhlas Anatolian High School
9.    Private Marmara Houses İhlas Science High School
10.    Private İhlas Kindergarten Güzelşehir
11.    Private İhlas Kindergarten Bizim Houses 2
12.    Private İhlas Kindergarten Bizim Houses 3
13.    Private İhlas Bizim Houses Elementary School