Our Founder Enver Ören


Our founder Mr. Dr. Enver Ören passed away on 22nd February, 2013. But he has left a giant treasure behind with his ideas, works of which he was a pioneer and exemplary behaviour. This treasure which sheds light in our every work so far, will continue to light our way. With his endless energy and visionary perspective; we thank to him for the values he added to our country, economy, İhlas Holding Companies, social life and us, as the employees of İhlas Holding, we respect him longingly…

Dr. Enver Ören was born on 10th February, 1939 in the town of Denizli, Honaz. Completing his primary and secondary education in Denizli, he attended Kuleli Military School and then he studied at Istanbul University, Faculty of Science. After finishing his bachelor in 1961, he went to the city of Naples in Italy for one and a half year, having gained a scholarship from NATO to do professional work.

After returning Turkey he worked as a lecturer at Istanbul University until 1970. In 1970, having left his position at the university, he founded the journal “Hakikat” (The Truth) with a few friends of him. This publication whose name was modified as “Türkiye Newspaper” later, has scored many innovations in the field of journalism.
On the foundation laid with Türkiye Newspaper, many new companies operating in many different areas have been added. These companies were consolidated under the umbrella of İhlas Holding.

İhlas Holding, which has one of the most influential media groups in Turkey with İhlas News Agency (İHA), TGRT News, TGRT FM and its printing facilities, took place among the remarkable groups of our country with companies operating in sectors such as construction, marketing, durable small home appliances manufacturing, education, health and trade as well.

With his contribution to the national economy and responsible behaviour he showed towards society, he always received great praise, many awards and awarded with many titles;

  • Thanks to his new and successful practices in journalism, he was selected as the most successful newspaper executive of the decade for the years between 1980-90 by Ankara Journalists’ Association.
  • He took place among the “600 People Who Shape the World” pointed out by the monthly magazine “Global Finance” which is published in the USA and has finger on the pulse of the financial world.
  • Thanks to his services to the Turkish culture and contribution to the development of science and technology, he was awarded with the title of “Honorary Doctor of Sciences” by the Senate of Konya Selçuk University on 21st November, 1989.
  • For his contributions to the introducing of our country to the world, he was honoured with eminent services medal by our 9th President of Turkey, Süleyman Demirel, on 23rd December 1999. He received the plaque of gratitude in two separate fields for the contributions to health and education services and the works as well.
  • He was selected as the most respected person of the year 2000 by American Biographical Research Institute.
  • He gained the title of “Honorary Doctor” from the University of Florida and University of Cyprus.
  • He was the first to take the title of “Honorary Member” from the International Academy of Islamic Sciences Centre in Dakar.
  • Dr. Ören, speaks English and French, participated as a speaker in many international seminars and symposiums.
  • Dr. Ören, served as the 2nd Chairman of the Association of Newspaper Publishers; Board Member of Press Ad Agency; and Member of TUSIAD, TABA, TEMA, IKV.