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With its experienced staff and modern fleet, KPT Logistics coordinates the storage and shipment of products, and transports these goods to their final destination, via appropriate vehicles, within the requested minimum time and in optimal condition.

KPT Logistics meets all of its customers’ logistics requirements with operational strength, service diversity, experience and assurance, as well as alternative logistics solutions, generating the advantage of the most appropriate cost and competition. KPT Logistics covers approximately 2.5 million km annually, and plans the storage and transfer of products, ensures their delivery to their final destination in appropriate vehicles and conditions, and within the minimum requested time, thanks to its well-trained personnel and modern fleet.

KPT Logistics demonstrates its differentiation in every link of the chain, including inventory management. The materials’ inventory records are taken at the first moment of purchase, and all material movements in warehouses are monitored and recorded. KPT Logistics performs the complete or partial transportation of products to every point within the boundaries of Turkey.