İstanbul Gaziosmanpaşa (GOP) Urban Transformation Project

İstanbul Gaziosmanpaşa (GOP) Urban Transformation Project

İhlas Holding prepares to launch the urban transformation project with the largest scale in Turkey, which is planned to be built in Gaziosmanpaşa, Istanbul.

İhlas Construction, Tourism and Health Inc. signed a contract, on July 22, 2013, with  Gaziosmanpaşa Construction Investment Contracting Services Industry and Trade  Company/ Gaziosmanpaşa İnşaat Yatırım Taahhüt Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (GOPAŞ), a subsidiary of the Municipality of Gaziosmanpaşa, with the aim to implement “Urban Transformation” projects in expired, unqualified or non-functional areas. Within the scope of this contract, the urban transformation activities are initiated in an area of approximately 1.000.000 sqm, including the Yenimahalle and Karayolları neighborhoods of Gaziosmanpaşa.

Living Spaces Alternative To The Downtown

With its avenues, streets and social & cultural spaces, the Gaziosmanpaşa Project (GOP) is getting ready to be an alternative to the city’s crowded points like Maslak, Nişantaşı and Büyükdere. The project aims the construction of approximately 30.000 residences, accompanied by commercial areas and malls in the mentioned area, the master plans of which are contracted by the Municipality of Gaziosmanpaşa by a UK institution.

Dynamism In The Street Life

Development of the subway, tram and bus lines, reduction of the road traffic and enhancement of  the activity and accessibility within the town in order to achieve a comfortable living environment.

Provision of cultural variety through different social areas and balanced use of habitats through a sustainable architectural approach are among other main priorities of the project.

The History Will Breathe In The Urban Texture

The protection of the historical assets is also of a great importance within the project. Kırkçeşme, the water galleries passing through Gaziosmanpaşa, with their structures of approximately 40 km, occupy an important place in the world’s water civilization history. They transfer the water which is collected in four historical reservoires (Ayvat Reservoire, the Great Reservoire, Kömürcü Reservoire and Kızarlı Reservoire) to Küçükköy running through many artistic buildings. The urban transformation construction will be performed while protecting the historical texture and remaining it as it is.

The project, targeted to be initiated in the last quarter of 2014, is planned to be completed in three different phases within nine years.