Human Resources Policy

On the basis of all activities of Ihlas Holding, the principle as ‘First, people’ takes place. Within this principle, by taking the moral and material rights of our employees into consideration, our main purpose is to provide a peaceful and warm working environment, where corporate values shared.

In our relationship with our employees, regardless of race, language, religion, gender, nationality, political and physical condition, we act in accordance with laws and ethical guidelines.

Human resources policy of Ihlas Holding; recruit the right candidates, develop, improve their performance, promote and ensure loyalty towards corporation. In this regard, the following processes are implemented.

Selection and Placement
Place the right candidate for the right position. Attract, select the candidates who are appropriate for company culture and able to fulfill the requirements of the position and place them to most appropriate position.

Organize recruitment programs for our colleagues to make them adapt easily to İhlas Holding, that newly started working.

Identify, implement and evaluate the results of educational programs to the benefit of company, which aims the necessary information, skills, attitudes and behaviours that make the employees keep up with all kinds of developments and changes in nature of business, raise the task of satisfying, be more successful in the business environment.

Career Planning – Backup
Create, implement and evaluate career plans which make employees improve their performance in the position and function they work, provide positions and management levels that the company may need in the future.

Performance Rating
Rate and improve emplyoees’ competencies, skills and performance in accordance with general criteria in an objective way.

Compensation Management
Ensure a fair wage for emplyees’ in accordance with competencies, performance of them and contribution, degree of difficulty, level of responsibilty of the performed work.

Meet social and cultural needs of employees, increase the satisfaction of employees by making all employees benefit from social services and supports in a balanced way.

Appreciate and reward the contribution of employees to the company, their success and high performance.