Kuzuluk Thermal Health Tourism

Kuzuluk and Armutlu Timeshare Resorts, both developed by İhlas Holding, played a leading role in promoting thermal tourism in Turkey.

Kuzuluk Kaplıca Evleri, the first thermal timeshare project developed in Turkey, is built on 200,000 m2 of land, surrounded by forest, in the Kuzuluk region of the Akyazı district of Sakarya. In the first phase of the project, which consists of a total of 1,470 apartments and 32,340 timeshare units, 1,120 apartments (20 apartment blocks) were built and their deeds handed over to the owners in 1996.

Construction of the second phase, which consists of 350 apartments and 7,700 timeshare units, commenced in 1997 in the same region, and the units were handed over to their owners in 2000. The resort can accommodate between 4,000 and 5,000 guests at a time.

Offering thermal vacations under the timeshare system, a first of its kind health spa tourism initiative in Turkey, İhlas Kaplıca Evleri meets the health and vacation needs of families at affordable prices and high-quality standards.

The apartments have been designed as self-contained units to provide comfortable accommodation and meet all the needs of a family of four. Besides cold and hot water, thermal spring water is also available at the apartments, all of which come fully furnished.

A Unique Vacation Experience

İhlas Kaplıca Evleri features thermal pools, an artificial turf football field, a basketball court, hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, restaurants and an entertainment center, and thus offers its guests a rich social life and a perfect vacation.

Licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, thermal spring water and other natural elements are used in bath treatments under the supervision of a physician. Thermal spring water can be used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, joint injuries, soft tissue disorders, neurological disorders, and also as a complementary treatment for stress disorders, sports injuries, and after brain and nerve surgeries.

The commercial units that serve the timeshare resort are operated by Kuzuluk Kaplıca İnşaat Turizm Sağlık ve Petrol Ürünleri Tic. A.Ş.

Number Of Apartments At Kuzuluk Timeshare Resort: 1,470
Number Of Timeshare Units At Kuzuluk Resort: 32,340

İhlas Kuzuluk Thermal Hotel 
Located in the same area as İhlas Kaplıca Evleri, İhlas Kuzuluk Thermal Hotel has a total of 64 rooms, including apart and standard rooms and suites, with a 140-bed capacity. The Hotel accommodates all the needs of its guests with two multi-purpose halls (capacities: 90 and 45 people), a restaurant with a capacity of 200 people, a dining hall with a capacity of 150 people, an outdoor dining space with a capacity of 300 people, a children’s playroom and a playground, three thermal baths, two massage parlors, a sauna, a sales unit, a hairdresser and a car park.

The Group plans to add additional facilities to the Hotel in order to turn it into a larger health center that can offer thermal spa treatments to local and foreign guests.

Number Of Rooms At İhlas Kuzuluk Thermal Hotel: 64
Bed Capacity Of İhlas Kuzuluk Thermal Hotel: 140