Corporate Governance Policies

Our Mission

• To care about social peace, popular benefit and peace of mind in all services WE offer,

• To play a pioneering role in all sectors of operation we are in,

• For the Media Group, to be engaged by a work schedule defying time and limits,

• For the Marketing Group, to access the most distant parts of the country,

• For the Construction Group, to offer the safest and most suitable homes to consumers at the most reasonable prices.

Our Vision

• To spread our sense of peace to the whole world,

• For the Media Group, to come up with the fastest and most effective content (news, entertainment, information),

• For the Marketing Group, to offer all products that would bring benefit to consumers under favorable conditions,

• For the Construction Group, to play a role in enabling all Turkish citizens to acquire homes which are as spacious and comfortable as they desire.

Our Values

• The best kinds of people are those who provide good service,

• Earning people’s trust precedes earning their money,

• Individuals cannot live in peace and prosperity without a strong state,

• A management style open to change, to bring the company in line with corporate qualities fitting for the global economy, strong infrastructure and human resources unique to our Group.

Our Strategy

• To employ the latest technology in the most effective way,

• To seek the most effective ways to access customers,

• To produce the most up-to-date and effective content,

• To use resources efficiently and productively,

• To benefit from the social knowledge and sector experience of advanced countries and to learn from their mistakes,

• To develop content and products which meets the needs of all individuals of society (women, children, elderly, etc.,)

• To be accessible at all times in all places,

• To cooperate with the leading organizations of the world in the sectors we operate.

The Board of Directors periodically and regularly perform an overview of the extent to which targets have been met, operations and past performance. Work is underway to reflect this on performance following objective criteria.