TÜBİTAK Gold Medals Go to İhlas College

İhlas College students have achieved two gold medals by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) organized by the 25th National Science Olympiad.

İhlas College Beylikdüzü Science High School student Emre Kılıç won a gold medal in chemistry and Ihlas College Beylikdüzü Anatolian High School student Yusuf Bahadır Kiliçarslan won a gold medal in the computer field.

İhlas College students who attended TUBITAK summer/winter camps after May 2017 have successfully passed the exams and received their medals in a ceremony organized by TUBITAK in a hotel in Antalya.

Two winner students’ medals were presented by Nurettin Ateş, Deputy Governor of Antalya. İhlas College Beylikdüzü Science and Anatolian High School students Kılıç and Kılıçarslan were announced that they will receive extra points for the university exam results, TÜBİTAK bachelor scholarships, and a monetary award.

İhlas College Beylikdüzü Science and Anatolian High School Hakkı Okur congratulated his students who won gold medals among more than 4 thousand outstanding students from Turkey’s most prestigious schools.

Indicating the success shows both Ihlas College’s education quality and the school’s systematic discipline during the preparation process Okur added that two students reached the gold medal at the end of the marathon which started among 4 thousand students in May last year.