İhlas News Agency is at Borsa İstanbul

The shares of İhlas News Agency (İHA), which has been playing the role of being the eyes, ears and voice of Turkey in the world for 28 years, has started to be traded with the gong ceremony held in Borsa Istanbul today.

The market opening bell rang for İhlas News Agency. İhlas News Agency went public with the IHAAS ticker code. With a ceremony held at 09.30, its shares began to be traded on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) Main Market.

In the morning, the market opening bell has rung together with Borsa İstanbul AŞ General Manager Korkmaz Ergun, İhlas News Agency General Manager Hamit Arvas and Tera Yatırım Menkul Değerler AŞ General Manager Emre Tezmen.

10.6 Times Demand at IPO
In the initial public offering, which took place on the Borsa Istanbul Main Market on October 26-27, 2021 with the “Fixed Price Equal Distribution Sales Method”, the demand was 10.6 times the sales volume. 73 thousand 432 investors applied for the shares with a nominal value of 22 million TL issued as increase in the capital of the company from 42 million TL to 64 million TL.

In the statement made on the Public Disclosure Platform, the amount of 1,076.516,242 TL equivalent to 10,64 times the total size of the public offering for the İhlas News Agnecy shares offered to the public with the method of ” Fixed Price Equal Distribution Sales Method ” in the Borsa Istanbul Main Market.

6th Publicly Traded Company of İhlas Group
With the public offering of İHA, the number of publicly traded companies of İhlas Group has increased to 6. The Group has significant investments in the media, construction, health, tourism, education and technology sectors. In addition to İhlas Holding, the shares of İhlas Yayın Holding, İhlas Gazetecilik, İhlas Gayrimenkul and İhlas Ev Aletleri are also traded on the Borsa Istanbul.

Broadcasting from 51 Countries
İhlas News Agency broadcasts from 51 countries with an average of 300 images, 1,000 written news and 3,000 photo content per day, and reaches more than 2,000 customers mostly the world’s leading organizations. Having representatives in 81 cities and many districts of Turkey, İHA operates in important capitals of the world such as Washington, London, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Vienna, Athens, Brussels, Tehran, Baghdad, Erbil, Kuwait, Cairo, Dubai, Kabul and Islamabad.