Ahmet Mücahid Ören “Newspaper is Our Foundation”

Hello my dear friends working with sincerity to make Türkiye Gazetesi reach where it is today.

Thanks to our Allah, this sapling, which was planted with great efforts half a century ago, turned into a giant plane tree in a short time, and reached its 51st year today.

Our newspaper, which carries the name of our country with honor on its way to shout the truth, has gained a very special place in the hearts with its line that is fully committed to democracy and always stands by our nation in every crisis the country encounters.

Because of this love and trust, no one has even approached our newspaper’s 1 million 424 thousand-circulation record in the last half century.

Our widespread distribution network, which brings our newspaper to the door of our readers in every corner of our country, has been one of the most important factors that make us strong in the difficult process that the Turkish press is going through today.

In our 51st year, you will find some “tasting” memories from these distributors on these pages.

The great and peaceful sycamore of our press world will continue on its way by carefully preserving its publication line that protects democracy, national and moral values, without deviating from its founding purpose.

I congratulate the 51st birthday of our newspaper, which is the cornerstone of İhlas Holding, our media organizations and all other companies. I would like to thank everyone who has walked shoulder to shoulder with us in this success, especially our distributors, readers, friends, journalists, men/women of letters, printing team, subscribers and advertisers.

May Allah be pleased with our founder, the deceased Dr. Enver Ören, and his companions. We set sail for the second half century with determination on the solid foundations laid by them.
This pride and happiness is for all of us.

Nice century to Türkiye Gazetesi.

Ahmet Mücahid Ören
Executive Chairman