Kürşat Karakebelioğlu

Accounting Director

M. Kürşat Karakebelioğlu was born in  Develi, Kayseri in 1958  and he  graduated  from İstanbul  Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences.  He stepped into business life in the field of accounting  life in the construction sector between “978 – 1979.  Between 1980 – 1989, he functioned as Accounting Manager in Penyelüks Tekstil A.Ş, one of the leading companies of the textile sector and its affiliated companies. Functionnig as Auditor and Controller in various companies, Kürşat Karakebelioğlu  has INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTANT AND FINANCVIAL ADVISOR license.  In 1989, he attended İhlas Holding A.Ş. family and he has been functioning as Financial Afairs Coordinator since 24 December 2015.